You probably appreciate the fact that you cannot grow marijuana and have no idea where to start. However, you are tired of having to donate or buy your weed. Frequent visits to the dispensary cost thousands of dollars and you think the money is not worth it. After a considerable period debating with yourself, you finally decide to cut the middleman and grow your own weed. You have even probably bought a few marijuana seeds. Instead of spending significant amounts of money buying your weed at the local dispensary, wouldn’t it be nice to open the door to one of your rooms, basement, or attic to your secret grow garden and see your maturing buds surrounded by green leaves? Finally, you are ready, but that nagging question of “where do I start?” keeps coming up. To you, its grow marijuana now or never. Apart from a GGT lite line or shorty, here are some gorilla grow tent accessories you will require to establish your grow room.

Grow Lights

Grow lighting is one of the most important grow tent accessories. Your plants will experience robust growth only if they have a strong source of light. You can find quality grow lights at your local Gorilla grow tent supplies store. Make sure you buy your grow lights and other Gorilla grow tent accessories such as Gorilla gear boards and Lite Line high CFM kits from reputable stores because the type of accessories you use on your Grow tent has a significant effect on your yields. This does not mean that you have to invest in the biggest and baddest grow light on the market; buy one that is efficient for your grow tent size. Consider buying GGT extension kits to prevent your plant canopy from coming in contact with the heat-producing grow light on the ceiling of your tent.


Proper ventilation in your grow tent comes with several advantages. It hinders the growth of mold and mildew caused by buildup of stale air. In addition, proper air circulation prevents stunted growth because carbon dioxide in the air is replenished with fresh air. However, there are various important factors to consider when installing an airflow systems in your grow room. Make sure the exhaust duct is at the top of the grow room. In addition, the intake valve should be on the lower side of the grow room.

Temperature and Humidity

Make sure there is a thermometer inside your grow room. Some Lite Line extension kits come with thermometers. If possible, buy a thermometer that provides both temperature and humidity readings. Make sure you keep the temperature difference between day and night at 10 degrees Fahrenheit or 5 degrees Celsius.

Other important grow tent accessories include a GGT Rack, net trellis, GGT high CFM Kits, and extension kits. High CFM kits help to prevent the grow tent from carving in due to buildup of negative pressure. Extension kits helps to increase the height of grow rooms to give your plants more room for growth.