GGT Rack


Start pounding your chest in satisfaction of a clean and organized grow space with Gorilla’s industrial strength wire racks. Conveniently sized to fit any of the Gorilla Grow Tents allowing you to keep your grow floor free of nutrients, pots soil bags, and other indoor growing equipment. Remember, a happy grower is an organized grower. Now pound your chest and be Gorilla strong

  • Size: Small Rack (inch): L 28 x W 20 x H 36
  • Size: Medium Rack (inch): L 44 x W 28 x H 36
  • Size: Large Rack (inch): L 54 x W 20 x H 36
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Preserve your entire season’s harvest without damaging even a single plant with the GGT Rack. The Gorilla Grow Tent Rack is made of a simple and effective collapsible mesh. This indoor growing equipment is designed for drying herbs, buds, flowers, and other indoor plants. Its breathable mesh allows air to circulate eliminating the possibility of your plants rotting or forming mold. In addition, the Gorilla grow tent rack has a 360 degree design to allow you to access your harvest from any angle. Its high quality durable nylon helps to speed up drying. The four drying layers of the GGT storage rack are removable and can be interchanged for more consistent drying. The grow tent rack comes with clips that can snap together allowing you to quickly add or remove the shelves or layers. In addition, the rack is easy to clean, take apart, and assemble. Its collapsible and removable frames make it convenient to place the rack anywhere.

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