Gorilla LITE LINE 1′ Extension Kits


  • Significant yield increase – more usable growing Height allows you to cultivate larger plants. Larger plants produce larger quantities of fruits and flowers.
  • Getting the party started.
  • Stable, ideal temperature around plants – heat rises. With the additional Height this kit provides, your heat will stay up by the lights where you want it, and more importantly, away from your Precious plants. What does this mean for you? it means that your plants will produce more densely and fully with tighter fruit and Pod bundling, and elicit a greater flavor and nose. This all equates to better quality yields!
  • Stand-up maintenance – save your back! Place your plants on a Table. With the significant increase in Height, you can now still have ample growing space. Ease your personal wear and tear without compromising your results.



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Increase your yields with grow tent extension kits. Gorilla extension kit Lite Line allow you to grow tall plants and fruits trees in your grow tent. The higher your indoor farming system, the bigger your plants can grow. This offers major advantages like higher yields. In addition, gorilla Lite Lines extension kits allow you to hang your grow lights higher to keep the heat away from your crops. With the roof of your grow tent raised, you can stand upright while taking care of your plants. This extension kit is easy to install to your Lite Line grow tent. Lite Line extension kits are made of strong powder coated poles and tough fabric. They are designed to last for years. This is a high weight capacity product that actually reinforces the strength of your grow tent. However, the indoor growing guide that comes with the extension kit recommends asking for help from a friend when installing extension kits on grow tents over five feet tall.

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