Gorilla LITE LINE Gear Board


Start swinging from the tree tops in excitement and organize your indoor grow tent set-up with this indestructible gear boards. It conveniently snaps to your existing tent poles and helps maximize you space by removing floor items from your growing area.

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Organize your organic gardening set-up and maximize your yield with gorilla gear boards. This gear board conveniently snaps to your grow tent poles and assists in maximizing available floor space by removing floor items from the growing area. One of the most important indoor growing tips is to hang sizable oscillating fans and costly meters and monitors up on a gear board and off the floor of your grow tent. Gorilla equipment board is designed to hang various grow tent accessories including fans and grow lights from the walls of your grow tent. It is often installed on two strong poles that go from floor to ceiling. This equipment does not only allow you to hang equipment weighing up to 65lbs but it also strengthens your grow tent. Designed for use inside a grow tent, the equipment board can hold ballast, controllers, and fans among other grow gear. In addition, it can be hang vertically or horizontally.

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