Gorilla LITE LINE Indoor Grow Tent High CFM Kit


Proper heat and stagnant air exhausting is important to your indoors gardens success, but it can take a serious toll on your grow tent. Exhaust fans with high CFM ratings can create too much negative air pressure that the canvas walls flex inward, encroaching on your precious grow space.

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Maximize the potential of your indoor growing garden with Lite Line high CFM kits. Although these accessories are specifically designed for Gorilla indoor gardening systems, they also work well with other brands of grow tents provided they have the same pole diameters. The diameter of a gorilla grow tent pole is 17mm. These accessories are suitable for grow tents with large fans that generate significant amounts of negative pressure. These kits can help you create a few extra inches of space on your grow tent. Its bars are made from strong and durable steel and feature custom molded clips that lock into place ensuring rigidity. In addition, the accessories can be used in all grow tent sizes. They will prevent the walls of your indoor growing system from sucking in due to negative pressure from exhaust fans. They will also maintain proper levels of heat and stagnant air in your grow tent.

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