Limited Promotion for KIND LED Grow Lights


Kind LED Grow Light XL1000

When it comes to indoor gardening, the type of lighting system you choose greatly influences the yields and the cost of production. This is why KIND is on the forefront to release LEDs that meet the minimum industry requirements.

Many LED brands are out there but KIND lighting systems has developed a revolutionary series of LED grow lights that are known to give the best results with minimum cost. LEDs designed by KIND are energy star and consume almost half the energy consumed by conventional HPS lights. With KIND LED grow lights, you will grow plants and realize record-breaking yields. In addition, you will realize a more efficient, cooler, quiet and smooth garden.

KIND LED Grow lights feature a full spectrum of 12 bands.

This feature makes Kind LED Lights capable of providing your crop with all lighting requirements needed for robust, complete and optimal yields. KIND understands that plants need the natural sunlight while in the LED garden and this is why they have designed a lighting system that mimics the sunlight with respect to the intensity, coverage and temperature.

With revolutionary secondary optical lens, the 12-band spectrum lights from KIND provide maximum photosynthetic penetration from the top through the canopy. This serves to increase the yield and productivity of your garden.

Different LEDs for different gardens

Kind LED Indoor Grow Lights K3 Series L600

Kind LED Indoor Grow Light K3 Series L600

KIND knows that not all gardens or plants are the same, so they formulate different LEDs with the capacity to light different plants and different garden size. For example, the KIND K3 Series and K5 Series of LEDs have been designed with thick and aluminum heat sinks that emit heat more efficiently compared to other LEDs on the market.


The Optic lens that feature the white technology and chip-on-board arrays provide the best light penetration for your plants in an indoor garden. Its additional custom diodes that come with each LED light further increases the intensity of light needed by your plants. Similarly, the secondary lenses, together with the optic LED spectrum, ensure that the PAR emitted is sufficient.



The supplemental green light that comes with the package ensures that the photosynthetic rate is increased throughout the canopy. The concentrated red lights have been found to increase photosynthesis. All specific channels of different wattage are turned on and you can dial back or forth the amount of each spectrum needed by your plants.


Kind LED K5XL1000

Kind LED Grow Light K5XL1000

KIND understands that convenience is what every grower needs when handling LEDs, so the company has designed digital remote control to give you power over your garden. You will forget all about wall times of the old models since KIND LED grow lights feature inbuilt 8-stage timer that allows you to manipulate the lighting throughout the day at a touch of the button.

In the end, here are some additional benefits you get from KIND LED Grow Lights

As they say, KIND products are so kind that you will realize maximum benefits with the least cost.

You stand to get the kindest yields because the lights feature efficiency and output diodes that fit in almost all environments. You will realize higher yielding footprint, brighter and cooler gardens with less power consumption. For example, KIND LED grow lights will run at as low as 500mA yet with the ability to deliver the best light spectrum. KIND’s proprietary 12-band full spectrum LEDs powered by 3-watt diodes will guarantee the best growing condition for your particular plant.

With KIND LED grow lights, you will match or even outperform similar LEDs from other manufacturers. The setup from KIND is popular because it is not only affordable but also comes with the best intensity, coverage and spectrum.

KIND formulates extra large heat sinks, precision drivers and quiet and cooler environment because of unique craftsmanship. Buy KIND’s LED grow lights for sale today and enjoy great deals for a limited time.