The K3 series grow lights are products of years of rigorous research and development. There are many grow lights in this series including kind led grow lights k3 l600, kind led grow lights k3 l450, and the k3 l300 grow light among others. These grow lights consist of powerful 3-watts LEDs designed for flowering large yields. The intensified spectrum of these grow lights will produce quality yields without consuming excessive amounts of electricity. In addition, Kind K3 Led grow light series produces virtually no heat. Many people use these lights in their grow rooms because they produce great yields both in quantity and quality and run quieter and cooler. These grow lights are more energy efficient than their competitors.

Kind K3 Series Grow Lights are friends to Mother Earth

K3 series LED lights are not only the trend of the future but they might just help save the future for younger generations. These grow lights use up to 40 percent less electricity than HPS lights. These are just savings on light. If you consider all the additional cooling devices required for HPS grow lights, then the energy savings are quite significant.

Most of these grow lights do not end up in landfills thanks to their durability. These grow lights have a 50,000-hour lifespan, which means that they are more durable than other grow lights and that translates to fewer bulbs in landfills. Unlike sodium bulbs, Kind LED grow lights including K3 L600 veg are non-toxic and do not pose any danger when disposed of. Other bulbs use sodium, which is extremely volatile and can be reactive when exposed to the air. There have been reports of HID bulbs in garbage bins causing fires.

Kind LED lights do not contain mercury, which is not the case with most HID lamps. Mercury is a toxic chemical that can be extremely harmful to the environment if not properly disposed of. Some growers dispose of their HID bulbs in landfills because of the stigma they will face if they disposed of the bulbs in recycling centers. This exacerbates the problem of having excessive amounts of mercury leaching in landfills and into watersheds.

Kind series LED lights will produce quality yields while consuming much less electricity than normal grow lamps consume and producing virtually no heat. They are energy-efficient and do not have serious environmental effects. Your Kind LED grow lights will outlast any other type of lamp in your grow tent. These grow lights can be installed vertically or horizontally.