K5 Series grow lights consist of the perfect combination of three and five light emitting diodes. One of the best features of the grow lamp is that you can dim or intensify each of the light wavelengths produced by the lamp. Kind K5 series indoor grow lights can give your plants the ideal photosynthetic spectrum required for them to develop from seedlings to mature plants. In addition, K5 series grow lamps are much larger than traditional grow lighting.

These lamps come with secondary optical lenses that individually dim or intensify the output of each LED bulbs, which significantly increases PAR and canopy penetration. Kind K5 LED grow light series can help you get substantial yields from your grow tent while consuming significantly less electricity than traditional grow lamps. In addition, these grow lamps will produce a fraction of the heat produced by HID lights.

These grow lamps can produce significant yields in both quality and quantity. The lamps have a quiet operation and are more energy efficient than other grow lights. This is why many growers unanimously agree that K5 series lamps are some of the best grow lamps on the market.


Kind LED lights including kind led k5 xl 750 and kind led k5 xl 1000 use just about half the energy that HPS lights use and produce a higher yield per watt. Research indicates that plants grown under LED lights show an increase in oil production and quality, denser fruits and flowers, and closer internodal spacing. In addition, because LED lights produce less heat, they do not require extra cooling eliminating the need for an air conditioning system or fans. This means that they also run quieter. Kind grow lights run so cool they do not require additional temperature control equipment apart from their internal circulation fans.

The low heat produced by the lamps makes it much easier for you to maintain the ideal temperature required for plants to thrive. You can set individual diodes of a Kind LED lamp to a specific color or intensity so that they can emit the exact spectrum that your developing plants need to thrive without wasting resources.

Kind series lamps are full spectrum lights designed to meet the specific growth needs of your plants. Growers that use Kind LED lights can easily simplify their grow room, save on energy consumption, keep their grow rooms cooler and quieter, and experience a significant increase in yields and the quality of their flowers, fruits, and vegetables.