Lite Line Indoor Grow Tent 4 x 8


  • Height Adjusting with the patent pending adjustable extension poles (sold separately) allowing you to increase the height of your grow tent from 6. 7 to 7. 7 feet
  • Dependable and durable canvas provides a safe and secure growing environment
  • Solid metal interlocking frame
  • Bug resistant adjustable micro mesh pre-filters
  • LITE LINE utilizes an all steel, interlocking, secure, frame. In addition, they still include viewing windows, tightly reinforced seals, strong zippers, and durable fabric
  • Dimensions (feet): 4 x 8 x 6.7
  • Height w/ Extension Kit (sold separately): 7.7 feet
  • Weight: 49 lbs.
  • Canvas Density: 210D
  • Pole Diameter: 16mm
  • Door Quantity: 3
  • Ducting Port Quantity: 8 (11″ Double Cinching)
  • Electrical Port Quantity: 4 (3″)
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The Lite Line 4×8 is a great beginner container gardening grow tent. It does not have many flashy features and is less expensive than the competition. However, the Lite Line Gorilla Grow Tent 4×8 still has all the features of a functional grow tent and you can use it for growing dwarf trees as well as vertical farming. This tent features a black 600D polyester outer material and reflective mylar on the interior. In addition, the 4×8 Lite Line has large zippered doors to provide fast and convenient access to your plants.

Lite Line Gorilla Grow Tents effectively seal in heat and have intake and outlet holes to improve ventilation and dissipate excess heat from your lighting. This grow tent has a removable floor tray made of PVC for easy cleaning up. In addition, it is compatible with other types of hydroponic systems. The grow tent comes with a user manual including a guide with gardening tips to help beginners set up their indoor gardening systems.

Every GGT LITE LINE Grow Tent Comes with the Following:

  • 100% Metal Interlocking, Sturdy Frame & Connectors.
  • 210D “Easy On” Grow Tent
  • Convenient Access Tool Pouch
  • EZ View Windows
  • Heavy Duty Flood Protection Pool
  • 11 inch Double Cinching, No Leak Ducting Ports
  • Thick “Easy Engage” Custom Zippers
  • 360 Degree “Wrap Around” Access
  • Micro Mesh Pest Control Pre-Filters
  • Diamond Reflective Technology Walling
  • Easy Set Up Instructions
  • Tender Love & Care For All of Your Grows

Additional information

Weight 51 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 15 × 7 in