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If you are into growing organic produce indoors safe from disease, pests and the elements all year around then you are in the right place.

Whether you want to improve your air quality indoors or you are a serious grower of organic fruit and vegetables you are definitely going to love Greenhouse Lifestyle as your hub for all things about growing food & plants indoors.

My name is Tom Mornement founding CEO of Greenhouse Lifestyle and I am dedicated to helping gardening enthusiasts just like you enjoy the benefits of growing organic fruit, vegetables, plants, herb gardens and medical marijuana indoors.

Growing outdoors can be challenging to produce healthy plants and produce. Weather conditions, soil, pests and disease can impact the quality of your end result.

I remember when I first started growing my vegetables outside and I flopped time and time again.

My herbs would be gobbled up by insects and wildlife. I simply couldn’t get anything to grow well. In those early days I had no idea about soil preparation, spacing, positioning for the sun and/or shade and so on. It took years for me to produce a good harvest that I was proud of.

I wanted to find a better way to grow my vegetables and herbs in particular as I love cooking and living a healthy lifestyle. Nothing beats being able to use my own fresh produce whether it be snapping off vibrant baby zucchini flowers or snipping fresh chives over the 3 egg omelette in the morning or fresh basil (my favourite). I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

This all started from my little café that I run near my home. Talking to my customers about food, growing produce and cooking was a daily occurrence and naturally led to me showing them how to grow vegetables for themselves.

The cost of groceries and buying organic produce especially is one of the main reasons I took this challenge up. I have saved literally thousands of dollars on buying organic food and not only that you simply can’t beat the flavour and enjoyment of picking your own vegetables and taking them straight to the plate in a matter of minutes!

Gradually over the past few decades we have witnessed the quality of food decline dramatically. to grow and feed families chemical free organic fruit and vegetables, Greenhouse Lifestyle was born.

 I want to improve your family’s health by supplying the highest quality greenhouse kits, grow tents, LED’s, grow boxes and garden accessories for you to grow your own nutritious and health giving fruit and vegetables at home!

Get your family involved so they understand what is in your food and the comparison between mass produced produce and home grown organic. Take your children away from the digital screens and get them actively involved in what indoor growing is and how it can benefit them. Teach them skills they can benefit from for a lifetime and maintain a healthy balanced life.

 So what products do we have to offer you to make your indoor growing life more productive and rewarding?

We specialise in:

  • Indoor Grow Tents & Boxes
  • LED Grow Lights,
  • Greenhouse Supplies and
  • Hydroponic Systems.

We have a wide range of all these products and accessories that will meet all your indoor growing needs, including the award winning Gorilla Grow Tents and KIND LED Growing Lights that have won best in their industry awards 4 years I a row from 2014 to 2017.

There’s nothing better on the market ad if you are a VIP Member we will be happy to ship your orders with FREE Shipping.

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