A gorilla grow tent is a professionally designed grow room suitable for both experts and beginners. Some of the key features of gorilla indoor grow tents include perfectly positioned ducting ports, large EZ windows that provide excellent views of the inside of the tent, and conveniently positioned doors that rotate on a 360 degrees angle.

It is quite easy to work with a GGT without any stress. Everything about Gorilla grow tents is made to near perfection for optimal results and yet maintaining simplicity for easy operation.


Properties of a Gorilla Indoor Growing Tent


Gorilla grow rooms are height adjustable, which means that you can easily extend the height of your grow room to meet your specific needs. You can purchase extension kits to increase the height of your tent from seven feet to 10 feet tall.

Extending the height of your grow room translates to additional room for your plants. This feature allows your plants to grow up to 50 percent taller.

The height-adjusting feature also solves the problem of your plants growing taller and reaching the heat emitting lights on your grow tent. With a taller grow tent, you do not have to bend every time you tend to your plants due to height limitations.

Many people often wonder, what makes Gorilla tents stand out? Here is the answer; other tents are about six feet tall. Such tents often have the problem of crowding as plants outgrow existing space. It is a significant drawback because lack of space leads to lower yields in the long run.


While some hydroponic systems are partly made of plastic, gorilla grow rooms including gorilla grow tent accessories are plastic-free. Other notable features of gorilla grow rooms include heavy duty zippers, double settling ducting ports, reflective mylar inside the tent, additional tool pouch, bug resistant filters, and a properly constructed flood pool. It is important to know that the reflective material lining the inside of gorilla grow rooms help to distribute light evenly throughout the tent.

Strength and durability

Unlike other grow tents, Gorilla grow rooms come with solid interlocking metal frames. These frames are definitely two to five times stronger than the frames of the grow tents. Their sturdy metal frames allow the grow tents to hold weights of 300 pounds and above. All the properties of gorilla grow tents help to minimize faulty operations experienced by other grow rooms. For instance, some grow rooms feature plastic and thin steel or aluminum poles. These properties can expose your grow tent to cracks or breaks that place your crops at risk. Other challenges faced by other brands of grow rooms include faulty zippers, which have adequately been addressed by gorilla grow tents.


While other grow tents come with 200D to 600D canvas, Gorilla grow tents are much stronger with up to 1680D thread density. Thread density is an important factor to consider when buying grow tents because it prevents unnecessary floods and unfavorable reflections that create hot spots that compromise plant growth.


Gorilla grow tents feature an infrared blocking roof to keep the tent cool. Tough seals and dense threading help to contain noise and odors. Once you get a shorty or lite line gorilla 4×4 grow tent, you will not have to worry about several safety features including light and water leaks as well as irritating odor.

Gorilla Grow Tent Advanced Features and Setup

Gorilla grow tents are completely automated hydroponic systems. These grow rooms come with various advanced features such as timers that ensure a convenient and stress-free flow of operations. You do not even need to have prior knowledge on how the grow rooms operate. Amateurs can operate the tent and use it for growing plants indoors as good as the pros. The hydroponic grow box is easy to operate and requires minimal supervision.

The grow rooms also come with Phresh carbon fibers that ensure neutral air circulation inside your grow tent. The fibers used in the manufacture of gorilla grow rooms have high thread density to seal in odors and light. It is important to know that the grow rooms have the most sophisticated fiber technology in the industry.

Gorilla grow kits come with various accessories and add-ons including indoor grow lights and hurricane incline fans. These fans are powder coated and made of steel and other certified components. They are quiet and very efficient.

The tents have been manufactured with great consideration given to safety. They come with safety GFCI and safe electrical hookups. The manufactures of this tent take heed of the concerns of their clients. Nothing is left to chance because it is well known that water does not go well with electricity. To ensure safety, each grow tent kit comes with proper power cords and LED grow lights, fault plug-ins, and electrical boxes. You do not need to research what to buy where and what to put where because everything is preconfigured for you.

Gorilla grow tents come with trellis systems designed to increase yields by up to 40 percent. The technology is mainly concerned with plant spacing. This technology helps in the development of tree canopies. It also promotes equal light distribution for all plants.

Active Air Internal Circulation Fans

To promote air circulation, Gorilla grow tents are fitted with rightly sized fans. Sufficient air circulation inside the grow room helps to eliminate bug problems. An additional advantage of using fans is that they help to reduce noise levels inside the tent.

Nutrients PH Kit

This is an essential grow tent accessory required for proper assessment of pH in a grow room. You do not have to figure out the pH levels in your grow room. All you need to do to know the pH levels in your grow room is to read the operations manual that comes with the grow tent kit.

Advantages of Gorilla Grow Tents

Gorilla grow rooms are height adjusting, which means that you can increase your growing space from seven feet to nine or 10 feet. This translates to enough room for your plants to grow taller. With this grow room, you will not have to worry about your plants outgrowing the grow lights in your tent. In addition, the height-adjusting feature enhances maneuverability and makes it easy for you to move around the tent without hitting your head on hanging lights.

Some indoor grow rooms are limited to a height of six feet. Some plants can outgrow such tents, which limits yields. However, you may require a smaller room at times. GGT shorty grow room offer most of the features of the height adjusting grow room but in a size that can fit into a small basement, attic, or small room.

GGTs are made of 1680D threaded and reflective fabric that is up to nine times denser than other grow tent setups. This translates to tents that are more durable, lightproof, quieter, stronger, and create optimum conditions for the growth of your plants. The reflective inner walls of gorilla grow rooms provide greater light reflection and distribution eliminating hotspots in your grow room.

Other grow tents are quite light and not durable. This means that they can easily tear and leak light. Their inadequate thread technology presents various risks including flooding, and ineffective utilization of rogue light.

The frames of Gorilla grow tents are two to five times stronger than those of competitors. They come with metal poles and fasteners that will securely lock your structure in place. The tents are so strong and can hold significant amounts of weight; even your pets will not bring your grow down. These tents utilize thick viewing windows, strong zippers, reinforced seals, and unmatched durability.

What is Included in a Grow Tent Kit

The components of Gorilla grow kits are sized properly and designed to integrate together properly. However, the features of different combo kits vary because each model is aimed at a specific growing space and setup. Therefore, it is important to know the features, benefits, and drawbacks of each model. Here are some of the basic components of a gorilla grow tent.

  •  LED grow lights
  •  Hangars
  •  Fixtures• Clamps•Lights
  •  Digital thermometers
  •  Ventilators
  •  Cooling units
  •  Air filters
  •  Water repellent floor matt
  •  Rods
  •  Beams
  •  Connectors

Grow tent kits combine all the essential components of a grow room with durable canvas. Many people that buy grow tents want to avoid the problems associated with setting up a grow tent for the first time.

Although users still have to assemble a grow tent on their own, the parts are designed to enhance speed of assembly. This is an important advantage, especially for people who do not have the full knowledge to properly design their systems. They are also ideal for people who do not have the time to research individual components in detail.

Gorilla grow tents provide the best environmental conditions for proper growth of plants. They have a quiet operation and are user-friendly. These tents are capable of handling significant physical pressure without compromising their operability, stability, and safety.