Shorty Indoor Grow Tent 2 x 2.5


  • Dimensions (feet): 2 x 2.5 x 4.11
  • Height w/ Incl. Extension Kit: 5.8 feet (also compatible with OG Gorilla 24 inch extension kits)
  • Weight: 29 lbs.
  • Canvas Density: 1680D
  • Pole Diameter: 19 mm
  • Door Quantity: 1
  • Ducting Port Quantity: 3 (11″)  3 (9″)
  • Electrical Port Quantity: 2 (3″)
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The Shorty 2×2.5 is an extremely high quality and durable indoor growing system. It has all the standard features expected in a quality grow tent plus additional extras that make it stronger and convenient for growing medical marijuana. The 2×2.5 Shorty grow tent is made of thick and durable 600D non-toxic material that is resistant to tears and effectively blocks out light from outside.

In addition, gorilla Shorty grow tent 2×2.5 comes with strong steel tubing that can withstand significant amounts of weight. You can install lights, ballast, and fans on hanging bars conveniently placed across the top of your grow tent. This grow tent also features heavy-duty zippers and an efficient ventilation system to prevent the growth of indoor mold. Accessing the inside of the tent is extremely easy thanks to conveniently located D-shaped doors with large windows for quick peeks into the tent. The tent is easy to use and does not require any tools to set up. It also comes with a user manual as well as a guide with gardening tips.

Every Shorty Gorilla Grow Tent Includes the Following:

  • 100% Metal Interlocking, Sturdy Frame & Connectors.
  • Free 9″ Height Extension Kit
  • 1680D “Easy On” Grow Tent
  • Convenient Access Tool Pouch
  • EZ View Windows
  • Heavy Duty Flood Protection Pool
  • 11″ Double Cinching, No Leak Ducting Ports
  • Thick “Easy Engage” Custom Zippers
  • 360 Degree “Wrap Around” Access
  • Micro Mesh Pest Control Pre-Filters
  • Diamond Reflective Technology Walling
  • Easy Set Up Instructions
  • Tender Love & Care For All of Your Grows

Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 13 × 6 in