Customer Review on KIND LED Grow Lights

Are you wondering which lights will give you the best results?

After numerous research studies, KIND has developed a series of LEDs that have proven extremely powerful compared to its competitors. The Kind 5K series LED Grow lights have lower power consumption ratings and feature a balanced lighting for guaranteed quality and quantity yields.

Why are the Kind’s 5K Series LEDs the best?

This LED Grow Lights review tells us more about why customers prefer this option.

The manufacturer has carefully designed a perfect mix of 3 & 5-watt diodes in which you can regulate each of the three colors – red, blue and white. You can also dial back or forth to give your plants the ideal combination of color spectrum for each of the three essential stages (seedling, vegging and flowering) until harvest. The Kind’s K5 series has a larger footprint that outperforms all other competing LEDs in its category of lights.

Impressive yield enhancement

Their unique secondary optical lenses have been designed to individually focus and increase the output of each of the diodes, resulting in an expanded PAR and better canopy penetration. This unique series of KIND LED grow lights emit the largest and the best yields with the lowest power consumption ever! With Kind K5 grow lights, you will smile all the way to your farm because of the record-breaking yields. In addition, your farm will be more efficient, quieter and cooler. This is the reason many growers are of the view that the new K5 series LED Grow Lights are arguably the best lighting fixtures for any discerning grower.

Kind LED K5XL1000

What do customers say about KIND LED Grow Lights?

• Most kind yields – a perfect combination of wattage works to increase the overall efficiency as well as the intensity of the light causing higher yields
• Dimmable spectrum: You can control the spectrum using the digital remote control to help match the light with the corresponding growth stage of your plants.
• Best Footprint: It has the largest footprint of LED in the industry that is equivalent to that of HPS lights.
• Kindest Intensity: They feature secondary optical lens that magnifies PAR and improves the canopy penetration by over 150%.

Why these lights have become so popular among so many growers?

  • KIND LED grow lights use proprietary 12-bandwidth spectrum that has a better coverage for maximum productivity of your plants.
    They have thick and heavy-duty aluminum heat sinks that distribute heat in a more efficient way compared to other LED lights. This means these lights run more smoothly in all your harvests.
  • Allows you complete control over your spectral choice.
  • You can individually dial back and forth each of the three primary ranges of the photosynthetic spectrum to meet the needs of your plant, at all the stages of plant growth. You do all these at your convenience with the help of a remote control.
  • They come with a larger footprint with the ability to produce 33-100% more output targeting all the parts of your plant. It means its light covers more area per every watt of the LED Grow light. KIND LED grow lights allow growers to mimic the natural lighting solar system and how it works to cause more yields. Kind LED does this by allowing you to dim the lights at different times of the day from sunrise to sunset with the help of the dimming diodes.
  • A complete customization allows you to suit your plants with the right combination and intensity of the photosynthetic spectrum.

At KIND, you will find more caring and experienced technicians to help you answer all the questions about your lighting issues. Take a step to contact their customer care desk for more details about how to grow indoor plants with KIND LED grow lights for more returns.